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Happy Birthday Ryan! 8 Years Old Today!

Good evening All, just a quick post to recognize a momentous day this year.  Today our Ryan turned 8 (EIGHT!) years old!

Ryan continues to strengthen his role as a “big brother” to his new younger brother, Tyler.  The boys share a bedroom in a cool set of bunk beds.  Ryan has been a very positive influence on T-bone, and he assists whenever he can with tasks like getting up and dressed for school, making beds, reading to Tyler, and helping him navigate his iPad (usually toward educational apps!) Tyler looks up to Ryan and they already have a strong bond as brothers.

Ryan has been doing well in First Grade and he frequently sees all of his brothers and sister in the pods and hallways. He continues to do well in Math and he has been getting much stronger as a reader.  He sometimes complains about the stacks of sight-word cards that Dad makes him run through, but these have definitely helped with his reading skills.

He has really taken to our trampoline and using it has helped develop his core and leg strength and also his balance and coordination.  He graduated recently to a new stylish pair of glasses and they truly have helped Ryan to look more mature, like more of the young man he’s becoming than the little boy appearance he leaving behind.

During the Fall, we took many family hikes and bike rides and Ryan’s ability to navigate rough terrain and rocky trails has improved greatly.  He loves being outside – even in the snow – and he enjoys riding his Bike, Scooter and Skateboard!

Today was a great day for Ryan and he really enjoys the whole Birthday Experience, including the build-up and anticipation.

Happy Birthday fro all of us!

Love, Mom & Dad


Here are a few photos of our Ryan…



School Portrait – 1st Grade (Great shot…so grown up!)

Today on Ryan’s 8th Birthday!


At the Washington DC Zoo, on a mild Winter day.

Just hangin’ at the bus stop on a typical morning…


Those Handsome new Spectacles



Decorating the Chrismas Tree


Guiding Tyler at the Heinz Wildlife Preserve last Fall



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