Make This Place His Home


The history of our family has been (and continues to be) created and captured from many directions.  Recently, we have drifted toward Facebook as our primary conduit for sharing our world with our families and close friends.  But in the not so distant past, since our first adoption of our oldest son Kyle ten years ago in 2005-2006, we used Blogger as our tool to record each of our adoption journeys.  Each of our children’s stories is as unique as they are, and the stories and photos remain fresh in our memories.  If you’d like, and you find yourself with some free time, please visit these blogsites to learn more about us.


THIS chapter – Ryan’s chapter – will be be molded from our experiences with all of the people, places and experiences that have been (and will be) part of HIS adoption process.  As we did with our other stories, we’ll try to bring you along through every step we take, we’ll introduce you to Ryan and to the people and the other families with whom we’ve crossed paths, and we will share the details of our 4th trip of a lifetime through photos and blog posts.

Please feel free to contribute to our story through your comments (or via private email messages if you’d rather).

Thanks and enjoy the ride.