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Medical Exam Day

We took Ryan to the Medical Clinic today for his post-adoption examination.  The clinic used to be on Shamian Island, in a small office (one that most Chinese adoptive families remember).  The last time we visited there with Ashley, during her trip, she needed EIGHT shots (since her province didn’t vaccinate very much or very well) – TWO in each arm and TWO in each leg.  We’re lucky she didn’t need nine or I’m not sure what we would’ve done.

His visit was a good one and the staff was very kind and helpful.  For height & weight, they used an automatic electronic height bar.  It moved down the wall track, and as it approached his little head, I thought it might slow down and gently tap his head.  Nope. It gave him a good bonk on the top of the head, before racing back to the starting gate.  He didn’t seem to mind, so we didn’t either.

He had TWO different doctors examine his eyes.  The first sat him down in a typical setup for eye exams – seated across the room from a lighted eye chart.  Then, he seemed confused that Ryan could hardly notice that there was an outline of a bright light across the room, let alone an eye chart that the Doctor asked him to read! Perhaps he didn’t get the “Ryan Has Cataracts” Memo.  Once Kelly, our guide, explained that the report showed that Ryan had cataracts, Doctor #1 signed off – perhaps signing off that Ryan, in fact, had two eyes?

The second eye exam, was more of a drive-by.  We were seated in the hallway, about to wrap up, and he found us.  He briefly checked Ryan out with a lightpen.  He knew about the cataracts, and he actually said that they were not that severe.  We will know soon enough, one we get Ryan to CHOP for his first appointments.

Ryan enjoys drawing and coloring he has gotten really good at a few iPad games where he matches shapes and colors, and does small puzzles, and letter games.


Well, that didn’t take very long at all…

Very funny…We asked Ryan to go to the bathroom to brush his teeth last night.  Kyle had been helping him the last few times.  Ryan walks into the bathroom and announces (about as loudly as we’ve ever heard him speak so far):

“KYLE, IN HERE, NOW!”  He apparently needed help and wanted it NOW!


On the way back from the Clinic, Kelly, asked the driver to stop off at the Four Seasons Hotel.  They had their lobby on the 70th Floor.  We rode up and were able to see 360 degrees of Guangzhou from 70 stories up!  Great views despite the low clouds.  We saw the towers where an Amazing race episode had a challenge, where racers had to be suspended and do some acrobatic tricks.  (They were WAY below the 70th floor…).  The lobby was open and the atrium went UP about another 30 floors!!  Great view up – a bit vertigo-inducing though.

For Dinner we went to Pizza Hut (based loosely on the American version).  We had Pizza, Steaks (not pizza steaks, just Pan Pizza and sirloin steaks), spaghetti and fries.  The steaks were served on sizzling (loudly) steel plates, sort of how fajitas are served back home.  We got 2 small pitchers of Coke.  When that was finished we asked for water.  The water came and it was…well… a bit warm.  Our theory was that they brought the water for us to make tea – assuming that we had brought our own tea?  We were very confused. We let the water cool off so we could at least have a small drink.

On the way back to the hotel we took a detour…we used the foot bridges (they’re everywhere here) to go across the street just to walk around a bit while we could.  The earlier part of the day was very rainy, and our Pool visit was cut short to about 15 minutes.  Hopefully the rain will let up a bit over the next few days.  We crossed back UNDER the Avenue in front of the hotel using the subway tunnel and escalators – good practice for Ryan.

Finally, before we headed back upstairs, AR treated everyone to Ice Cream in the Hotel Lobby.


Today we will visit Ryan’s SWI (Orphanage) so we can see how he lived, and so he can say his good byes to his friends.  Not sure how I’ll be feeling, but I will be sure to write about it…





























2 thoughts on “Medical Exam Day

  1. Terri

    It sounds like Ryan is warming up to the boys!! Did Ashley teach him to say “NOW!”?

  2. Marcia Brown

    I am enjoying your posts so much and the pictures. I look forward to seeing them each day. I am amazed at how well Ryan is adjusting to his new life. You can tell that he feels the love and is responding in a very positive way.

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