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Happy 6th Birthday!!

Shifting to the Present (after catching up a bit on some background…)

A few days ago, Ryan celebrated his 6th birthday! This not being our first rodeo, we reached out to one of our trusted contacts – Adele at Blessed Kids to bake and deliver a Birthday Cake to Ryan’s CWI – so he could celebrate properly with his friends and caretakers. When we made the arrangements, we sent along a few digital files so that he might see more photos of his future family. The kids and I made him a Happy Birthday message. Below is one of the photos we sent.


At the time we also asked for some photos of Ryan with his cake so we could see him again. Adele did a wonderful job with Ryan’s Cake and delivered our photos to the CWI – right on time on Ryan’s Birthday.

We were only able to get ONE photo back – but what a GREAT picture it is !!
We are hopeful that he was able to share his cake with all of his friends…


Our departure date cannot get here fast enough – we are so excited to bring him home.

Thanks Adele.

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